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Not only do these continue to rape my computer...

They get so much better every ****ing time. Keep up the great work man.

The part where Jesus came down with that magnum just put a big smile on my face :D

(Note: My computer sucks T_T)

I only wish I could animate like this.

I've been working with Flash for a little over a year now (not practicing too much, just tinkering). I want to start working on a Hitman movie (Been playing a little to much Hitman: Blood Money...), and I want it to be animated by brush (I sadly only have a mouse).

Enough about me though, that was sweet. I don't really know what the story is, but the animation style is great. Keep up the good work.... but of course don't forget about Madness either :P

We fight to be rich?

First off, that was a pointless movie (make one with a point next time...). Secondly, try to make it out of the 5th grade and learn a little more about war. No, Ive never been to war, and no Im not a war buff, but I know enough about to it know that were not fighting to be rich...

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not fun

i have no idea why this is on the front page, this game kinda blows

that sucked

and so do you

lol omg

that was friggen awesome.... and funny....sweet game

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Can't stop listening....

God damnit i cant stop listening to this song. Great job on it, I'm hoping I can learn a thing or two from this about FL. Good Job.

ShinnyMetal responds:

^_^ thanks alot man, I hope I can help

I like music

That acutally changes notes after a while

Keth-Andril responds:

It didn't sound as good when I changed notes.



Lova-Gurl responds:

....okkkkkk..... thanks for the review i guess....

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